8 Common Google AdWords Mistakes to Avoid

8 Common Google AdWords Mistakes To Avoid In our modern world, the internet and smartphones help to enhance and streamline everything we do, and that includes how people shop for goods and services. In order to be effective marketers, this is something that we must both recognise and take full advantage of, which is why [...]

By |Saturday, 30 September, 2017|Digital Marketing, Google AdWords|

Using Psychology Of Colours When Branding and Marketing

Using Psychology Of Colours When Branding and Marketing [Infographic Included] If you know anything about branding, you’ll know that branding companies consider the look and feel of a company before creating a brand. They’ll look at what fonts and colours fit best with what the company is trying to put across to its target market, [...]

By |Saturday, 15 July, 2017|Branding, Digital Marketing|

10 Stats Businesses Can’t Ignore About Digital Marketing

10 Stats Businesses Can't Ignore About Digital Marketing [Infographic Included] Digital marketing is essential for business owners in the modern world because failing to have a strong online presence can hinder progress. Like it or not, millions of people use the internet on a daily basis, and so it would be foolish to overlook the [...]

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