The Importance of Content as a Ranking Factor

Importance of Content as a Ranking Factor

When it comes to content marketing, having high quality sharable content is fundamental to gaining great search engine rankings and helping your organisation get the attention it deserves. However, great content writing is a surprisingly tough and elusive skill that is very valuable in today’s increasingly digitised world. So what makes effective SEO copy writing?

Include keywords while keeping the audience engaged

Make sure you are producing content that is of interest to the reader. While it is important to feature many keywords that search engines will pick up, it is equally important that the incorporation of these keywords are not detrimental to the style or flow of the content.

In this way, make sure your prose flows, and that keywords are inserted naturally into the piece. Stylish and flowing content writing will make your content more shareable, and will therefore drive traffic and encourage click-through.

Include keywords in links and page descriptions

Including relevant keywords in page descriptions, as well as both internal and external links can help improve SEO and visitors to a site. However, it is important to make sure that the external sites you link to are trustworthy and of a high-quality, otherwise you may find your ranking actually deteriorating.

Ensure your content is of a decent length

One of the most important rules of content marketing is that your pieces are a decent length. While there is no prescriptive word count for most pieces, producing content that is too short or long will lead Google to think it is of a poor quality. If you are publishing articles, stick to around 1000 words as a rule of thumb.

Benefits of blogging for your business

According to HubSpot’s ‘Ultimate List of Marketing Stats’, 57% of marketers who blog on a monthly basis have gained customers via their blog, and that figure rises to 82% of those who blog daily. Check out our blog post on the benefits of blogging for your business.