9 Website Call-To-Action Tips To Follow

The home page of your website is the virtual reception for your business, it’s the strongest page in terms of SEO and responsible for drawing in and directing most of your website traffic. Like your receptionist, your website needs to wear lots of hats. It is important to build your site with this in mind, incorporating elements to attract, educate and invite conversions.


For a successful homepage here are 9 call-to-action tips to follow:-

1. Headline – You have less than five seconds to tell visitors what you have to offer. This makes your headline crucial to draw people in. You can’t reach everyone with so few words – think of the type of visitor most likely to buy your product or avail of your service and direct the headline at them. Most importantly – keep it simple!

2. Sub-Heading – The content of your sub-heading should support the headline with a brief description of what your product or service is, and how you can help the visitor.

3. Call to Action – Remember the aim of the homepage is to encourage visitors to delve further into your website. The positioning of 2 or 3 calls-to-action before you scroll down, directing people to other areas of the site, at different stages of the buying cycle will do just that! Use a contrasting colour to make them stand out and ‘action orientated’ text like – Try for Free – Book a Consultation – Request a Quote. Think about mobile phone users – make the CTA buttons big enough to touch with the finger. Check out the Hubspot homepage for example where they have a number of call-to-action buttons in place.


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4. Images – Most people respond to images or videos. Make sure to use images that convey action or emotion and clearly identify your product or service.

5. Benefits – Explain the benefits of your product to the visitor with interesting, easy to read content; not just what you offer but why and how it benefits the customer.

6. What people say – If you can, add a few testimonials to your home page, people like to hear the benefits and trustworthiness of a product from other people before they choose to buy.

7. Visible Menu Bar – Good navigation of your website from the home page is critical. A visible menu bar, across the top of the page, that is clear and simple to use will encourage visitors to stick around.

8. More Calls to Action – You have already targeted visitors most likely to convert to customers above the scroll line – below the line consider placing some secondary calls-to-action, they can encourage visitors who have scrolled this far to click on further.

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9. Finallydon’t forget to make sure your website is mobile friendly! Google does favour this… and your visitors really appreciate it!

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Google released a new mobile friendly algorithm update last April 2015, read more about the update on blog post: Google Mobilegeddon: What’s Happening Two Months On?