10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins To Protect Your Site

In an age in which data safety is an increasingly pressing concern, it is essential as a webmaster that you regularly back up all the files associated with your WordPress site. There are many different choices when it comes to which WordPress backup plugins to pick, but most fall under the category of free or premium.

Although there are many effective free WordPress backup plugins, the support programmes you usually receive with a premium package are superior.

WordPress backup plugins lets users to backup the whole of their site, including any databases associated to the website on an ongoing basis, making the plugins critical to the safe management of a website. Such plugins are usually entirely automated, making their upkeep simple.

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Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Backup plugin key features

When deciding on which WordPress backup plugin to use, there are some features to look out for and really all plugins should come with;

Backup: Choose a plugin that has the ability to backup both your entire WordPress website including any media files, themes, settings etc. and of course your database. If only a portion of your backup is restored, this leaves you with a lot of work to do.

Automation: Make sure to choose a plugin that has an automatic/scheduled backup process as you might not remember to conduct regular manual backup’s of your site.

Ease of use: If you are not very tech savvy, you should definitely make this a priority because the easier to restore your website from a backup, the better.

Support: You need to have a resource to turn to if you suddenly encounter a problem trying to restore a backup of your site. Whether it’s dedicated support (preferably) or a well-documented frequently asked questions page for starters.

10 plugins you might want to consider for your WordPress site

Before we go through the list, another option in case of urgency is to contact your web hosting provider and ask them if they do regular backups of your site.

Your hosting provider may be able to restore your site before it was hacked (may occur a cost) – for example, some web hosting companies may backup your site and database 3 times per day, up to 30 days leaving 90 copies of your site to restore back for a specific day or time if required.

VaultPress Backup Plugin

1. VaultPress (Premium)

User star rating: 4.6/5

While it is a premium service, most subscribers would say they get their money’s worth from VaultPress, which provides simplified backup and restoration, as well as added security features. The team at Baldwin Digital use this plugin.

Backup Buddy Plugin

2. BackupBuddy (Premium)

User star rating: 3/5

Another very popular plugin, BackupBuddy allows you to schedule backups across a number of sites, not just restricting you to one address like some competitors.


3. CodeGuard (Premium)

User star rating: 2.5/5

CodeGuard works across many website platforms including WordPress, and uses the cloud to make regular backups according to your wishes, with a download option giving you the choice to save on to your computer.


4. BackWPup (Free)

User rating: 4/5

Also using the cloud for its storage, the great thing about BackWPup is that it is completely free and gives you the ability to back up on to Google Drive.


5. BackupWordPress (Free & Premium)

User rating: 4.7/5

If you want to use FTP, Dropbox or Google Drive to store your backups, you will have to fork out for the premium version of BackupWordPress, but the free version provides reliable automatic backup scheduling.

UpDraftPlus Backup & Restoration

6. UpDraftPlus Backup & Restoration (Free & Premium)

User rating: 4.9/5

Sometimes cited for having a less than attractive interface, UpDraftPlus Backup & Restoration does give you the option of either storing to the cloud or your computer at a frequency of your choosing.

WordPress Duplicator Plugin

7. Duplicator (Free & Premium)

User star rating: 4.9/5

Duplicator not only has some useful backup features, it allows you to migrate different WordPress sites. A potential downside is that it doesn’t allow for automated scheduled backups.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

8. WordPress Backup to Dropbox (Free & Premium)

User star rating: 3.8/5

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, WordPress Backup to Dropbox offers fully automated backups through your Dropbox account. Be warned, though, Dropbox costs money if you use up over 2GB of space.

X-Cloner Backup and Restore

9. X-Cloner (Free)

User star rating: 4.2/5

X-Cloner has the advantage of working with both WordPress and its popular competitor Joomla, and backs up your content using technologies which are open source.

myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin

10. myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin (Free)

User star rating: 4.1/5

myRepono offers great speed and allows you to have your backup automation up and running in no time at all. Further tools are available on a pay as you go basis.


So there you have it, 10 of the best WordPress backup plugins that could suit your website. Weighing up your budget, usage and add-on requirements we are sure you will find the right option among them.

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