As part of our social media training course, we show you how to optimise your blog posts and run a successful email marketing campaign using Mailchimp.

Learn How To Effectively Use The Platforms & Find Your Voice

Social Media Training CorkOur social media training will teach you how to use social networks to improve your SEO and brand identity. We won’t just tell you how to set up your profile on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – we’ll show you how and why to use social networking to engage with your customers, build your brand and increase sales.

We’ll show you how use social media in the right way, to support your business objectives, rather than wasting time and resources.

Who is this training for?

The social media training provided by Baldwin Digital is best suited for beginner users, whether your a small business owner or sole trader looking to setup/promote your business through various social media channels. We provide this training on a one to one basis.

How much does it cost?

As we provide this training on a one to one basis, we do not provide certification after the training has been completed. The training is provided to solely help small business owners or sole traders to get trained up on social media in a cost effective way without procuring heavy costs due to official courses and certification.

The training is charged on an hourly basis and travel time is taken into account also. You can decide to meet at your place of work, a convenient place nearby or travel to meet the trainer in our office in Cork City to save you the cost of the trainers travel time.

The duration of the training usual takes between 4-8 hours depending on the individual’s current setup and knowledge. This can be arranged either over two half days or one full day but we do recommend two half days option.

Training Objectives

  • Understand the underlying principles of using social media to engage with your clients and target audience

  • Create engaging social media content to increase your online presence

  • Build a content strategy and editorial plan

  • Increase engagement through social media marketing techniques

  • Increase brand awareness, optimise and amplify reach through social media channels

  • Generate ideas for social media strategies that work

  • Develop an integrated, optimised social media strategy

Training Content


  • What is social media?

  • The growth of social media

  • Overview of platforms

  • Avoiding pitfalls

  • Social media platforms best suited for your business


  • Latest algorithm updates and how they affect brands

  • Creation of engaging Facebook pages

  • Facebook apps

  • Growing and engaging your audience

  • Difference between a personal Facebook page and a business page

  • Adding a Facebook link, share, feed and like box to your website/blog


  • Latest algorithm updates and how they affect brands

  • Creation of engaging Instgram posts

  • Installing Instagram on your phone

  • Growing and engaging your audience

  • Difference between a personal Instagram account and business account

  • Adding a Instagram link, feed and share to your website/blog


  • LinkedIn for business (free vs paid)

  • Enhancing your profile

  • Growing your network

  • Using groups to demonstrate expertise

  • Collecting recommendations and endorsements

  • Choosing between a personal or business account

  • Adding a LinkedIn link/share icon to your website/blog


  • Customising your Twitter accounts

  • Finding and engaging with influencers

  • Adding a Twitter widget on your website/blog


  • Pinterest and why it’s different

  • Using Pinterest for brand awareness and sales

  • How to use Pinterest to improve SEO

  • Establishing and engaging followers

  • Pinning and repinning

  • Adding a Pinterest link & share icon to your website/blog


  • Blogging and SEO

  • Why blogging is essential

  • Guest blogging

Social media advertising

  • Best practices for social advertising

  • Facebook PPC Ads

  • Finding the right target audience

  • Twitter PPC advertising

  • Social media campaign management

Social media monitoring and measurement

  • Free and paid scheduling and automation tools

  • Social media monitoring tools

  • Reporting on social media ROI

Social media reputation management

  • Monitoring your online reputation

  • Managing your online reputation



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