Say Goodbye To The Old Search Console

For over a decade, the Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) has been helping website owners and webmasters to improve performance in Google Search, but now the internet giant is replacing the old dashboard, pages and reports for brand new versions.

Image Showing The Old Search Console Dashboard

Bye-bye old home page

The old home and dashboard pages have just been replaced with shiny new search console pages, offering greater insights and completely updating Google’s offering. The old Search Console reporting has been replaced also. From now on, if you try to access the old homepage or dashboard you’ll be redirected to the relevant Search Console pages. The legacy tools and reports section under the help centre, still displays some old report for now.

What will this mean for site owners?

The new Google Search Console will help site owners improve their efficiency and become more competitive as the digital landscape continues to develop. While a few familiar reports will still be available on the new interface, Google has said they’re continuing to innovate and make improvements to this new system.