Local SEO Services For Small Businesses

Local SEO in Cork & IrelandIf your business serves a local area, you should invest in local SEO. Local SEO is, simply, search engine optimisation that includes a local element. It’s the difference between SEO services and SEO services Cork.

Small businesses, in particular, can really benefit from local SEO. It is a way to stand out from the crowd in search engine results, and to let your customers know that you are in their area. It can help whether customers are searching for you by name or by what you do. Research has even shown that as many as 70% of all searches include a location term.

Why local SEO?

Local SEO has always been important, but with mobile searching on the rise, it is become crucial to the success of small businesses. This is because people searching from a mobile device generally want to know what is near where they are at that moment, and will search specifically for local businesses.

In the same way that companies once advertised in the Golden Pages, local SEO helps you reach the right customers. Today, people turn to Google before they seek out a Golden Pages book. This is exactly why local SEO is such an important part of any local business’s website.

Local SEO packages

At Baldwin Digital, our local SEO packages are a fraction of the price of other local advertising, such as the Golden Pages, and far more effective for reaching today’s customers. We include a full range of local SEO practices in our packages, all of which are search engine approved. Along with targeting local keywords, we can also help you get the most from your citations and reviews.

Reviews on major sites, such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, can boost your search engine ranking by improving your relevance and authority. They can help new customers find you and offer a way for existing customers to recommend you.

Citations help establish your authority, an important part of any search engine ranking. We ensure that citations are consistently formatted; a minor change such as how you write ‘Road’ can have a big impact on your rankings! For example, the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) needs to be exactly the same on local business directories as it is on your website.

With so much to gain from local SEO, there’s no better time to get in touch with our SEO experts to find out what Baldwin Digital can do for you!

After lots of research we chose Baldwin Digital to create our website. From the initial planning phase to the launch of the site I found Mark a pleasure to deal with. He provided great advice and expert knowledge. I was quite a demanding client with lots of ideas which I wanted incorporated into our website such as a “prescription ordering page which fits on a smart phone”. Mark succeeded in incorporating all my requests and the website has been very successful. Once the website was online Mark’s input helped the site to rank very highly on Google and other search engines. I have recommended Baldwin Digital to friends and business acquaintances who have found Mark to be great to deal with too.
Brian Whelan, Fermoy Medical Hall
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If you're looking for more exposure and wish to rank nationally, we have 3 national SEO packages available which we are confident will perfectly suit your budget and needs.
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