Google Phasing Out Old AdWords Interface

Google Adwords New Interface

In a surprise move that was a lot sooner than many expected, Google announced back in March that the retirement of their classic Google AdWords interface was scheduled for the end of this year.

Google AdWords New Interface

An ongoing transition

Google’s switching process is aiming to be as seamless as possible, with current campaigns unaffected. Of those receiving notices, some have been advised of a July 10th 2018 switch date, leaving them with little time until they’re experiencing everything the new AdWords has to offer.

Google has promised a ‘rolling’ transition for their new AdWords platform, with a slow and steady conversion rather than a rush to switch. In the case of this worldwide conversion, the final date is likely to be in October, with Google resistant to expanding the switch over the busy holiday months of November and December.

Shiny and New

There’s no denying it, this switch is coming whether you want it or not, and Google is advising that people prepare for the change as soon as possible. Google has also confirmed certain features will be staying behind, and are introducing a whole host of brand new features and capabilities in their place. All your data will, of course, pass over to the new interface.

So, how can you prepare for this change? This quick reference map can help you get familiar with the new interface, and the Help Center has all you need to guide yourself through the new AdWords. Keyboard shortcuts can also make your job easier.

Finally, check out the Search Engine Land Guide to PPC if this is all new to you, and get up to date on everything the new AdWords is about.

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