Google My Business Premium Subscription Package On The Horizon?

Google My Business Survey

Google has been recently sending surveys to its users to determine whether they would be interested in a premium Google My Business service. The survey asks a series of questions about your business, the features you’d most like to see and how much you’d be willing to pay.

Google My Business Package

It starts by asking some generic questions about the typical advertising budget of your business before moving on to more specific questions about certain features they’re considering offering as part of premium packages.

The survey asks users to indicate their level of interest in a list of possible features by asking you to select features you’d be most, or least, happy to see.

Sean Bucher was the first to see the survey on the 25th April 2019 and alerts other users about on Twitter.


Google My Business Premium Costs

Here are some of the features Google ask about:

• Google customer support

• Verified reviews

• Verified licenses and bookings

• Promoted map pin

• Google search results placement

• Automated review response

• Automated message responses

• Promo-table “Book” button on your business profile

• Leads from competitor profiles

• Google Guarantee

• Instant quote

• Request quote

• Featured review

• Call reports and recordings

As you can see from the image above, after you indicate the features you’d be most and least interested in, the survey gives you four mock-up subscription packages to choose from, asking which one you’d prefer. Google then reveals the prices of the packages and asks you how likely you would be to purchase the premium monthly subscription package you’ve chosen.

Based on the detailed survey, it would seem that Google is seriously considering these features and the introduction of a premium Google My Business package for its users.

Gathering information is the first step, and will likely have an impact on the potential package choices they end up rolling out, if any, so we can only wait and see what happens next.