Location Extensions From Google Ads Now Counted as Conversions

Call Conversions Google Ads Formerly Known As Google AdWords

It’s now possible for calls from Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) location extensions to count as conversions. This, however, is dependent on account-level call reporting being enabled. Google announced that advertisers would be able to implement this change this week.

A change from the norm

Call Reporting Google Ads

Traditionally it takes 60 seconds for a call to be recorded as a conversion. Google suggests this determines a higher quality interaction with customers.

With these changes, however, users can choose to have calls register as conversions in as little as a second, depending on what they want to achieve. This can be done simply through altering the default settings.

Call and message reports are now going to also be available from the Google Ads main extensions tab.

Giving users more control

In conclusion, these changes place more direct control in the hands of users – in terms of both recording and tracking call conversions.