27 03, 2022

7 Ways SEO and Google Ads Can Work Together

By |Sunday, 27 March, 2022|Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Search Console|

7 Ways SEO and Google Ads Can Work Together Both paid and organic traffic rely on search engine results. It’s usually the case that businesses will tend to target the same core audience via both channels and somehow find ways within to align paid and organic click-throughs. In many organisations, Google Ads and search engine [...]

9 04, 2020

How Long Should I Keep 301 Redirects

By |Thursday, 9 April, 2020|On-Page SEO|

How Long Should I Keep 301 Redirects For SEO? A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect, usually passing between 90% and 99% ranking power to the redirected page. These are often recommended for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and they add indefinite pass page value. Do they boost your SEO? If you’re thinking of getting rid [...]

30 09, 2018

SEO Copywriting Tips to Impress Search Engines and Readers

By |Sunday, 30 September, 2018|Blogging, Content Marketing, On-Page SEO|

SEO Copywriting Tips to Impress Both Search Engines and Readers Anybody who wants to be an online success needs to understand the art and science of SEO copywriting. Creating engaging content which captures the imagination of readers as well as the attention of search engines to rank well is no easy task. SEO content writing [...]

17 03, 2018

Why Hackers Attack Insignificant Websites

By |Saturday, 17 March, 2018|On-Page SEO, Web Design, WordPress|

Why Hackers Attack Insignificant Websites? A lot of people who have websites are shocked to discover that they've been attacked by hackers - why would they bother? The first step is to realise that these attacks are automated and they'll pick out any unprotected site - it's not personal. Once a site has been hacked, [...]

31 10, 2017

Importance of Content as a Ranking Factor

By |Tuesday, 31 October, 2017|Blogging, Content Marketing, On-Page SEO|

The Importance of Content as a Ranking Factor When it comes to content marketing, having high quality sharable content is fundamental to gaining great search engine rankings and helping your organisation get the attention it deserves. However, great content writing is a surprisingly tough and elusive skill that is very valuable in today’s increasingly digitised [...]

28 06, 2017

8 Essential Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

By |Wednesday, 28 June, 2017|On-Page SEO, Web Design, WordPress|

8 Essential Benefits Of Responsive Web Design Nowadays, responsive web design simply isn’t ‘optional’ anymore, it’s essential. A strong statement? Sure. Here, though, we’re going to prove it, by giving you the eight essential benefits of responsive web design. 1. Usability There are billions of websites on the web. The only way to keep users [...]

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