3 Google AdWords Updates You Should Know About

Google AdWords Updates

Paid search professionals gathered en masse in May to hear the latest Adwords updates at Google’s ‘Mobile First’ summit. The search giant had some significant announcements to make, including this hard-hitting trio of crowd pleasers:

An end to desktop and tablet bidding

Google is finally breaking this bidding system up. Previously, the company said that users were interacting in similar ways across devices, which made the need for standalone bidding redundant. Of course, online advertisers disagreed, and now two years later, Google has made the change. As a result, advertisers now have greater flexibility and control on their Adwords bidding, and they can now individually adjust bids according to device.

An expansion of text ads across devices

Previously, Google moved to remove ads and free up the SERPs right hand digital estate. Now of course – and perhaps completely inevitably – they are now filling this area with paid ads that generate revenue. Paid ad CRTs will now be steeper than ever, with longer descriptions and headlines. Let’s see what the SEO world makes of it.

By doing this, the internet giant has re-worked text advertising for a newer world of mobile – hence the conference name – and is seeking to embed cross-device consistency. Early testing by advertisers has apparently led to CTR increases of up to 20pc.

Promoted pins

Local searches are growing 50pc quicker than mobile searches overall, hence the launch of Promoted Pins. These offer advertisers the chance to pay for local listings to be added to maps, and will form part of Google’s strategy to lessen the gap between on and offline. We expect them to be well received.

Other updates

Alongside this big trio of announcements, other gems were shared too, such as new display approaches, better Analytics, and a new interface for Google Adwords amongst others. Be ready for an exciting new era of search, and see the full summit video here:

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